How to Commission Art

Whitney loves to create art for your homes that resonates with you and brings beauty into your space. One of her favorite things is to work with you as you commission an original piece of art for the first time. If that sounds daunting, read through this guide and see how we can make it happen together.

Where to begin if you would like a Whitney Winkler original art piece:

NO. 1

Dreaming up your piece:
First, make a list of your wants and dreams for the piece. Some good places to start are ‑ What size would be best for your space? What is your style? Which pieces of my work speak to you most? Would you like the final product to be framed? What does the space look like where the piece will go?

NO. 2

Make contact:
Next, make contact through the commission form below. Include all of the information you decided on in step one. Reaching out for a quote is not binding in any way so don’t hesitate to contact me.

NO. 3

Getting a quote:
Then you will hear back from me with a quote and some more questions to make sure we are on the same page with your vision. We will talk through all the details of the piece before you need to commit to the process.

NO. 4

Commission is in motion:
I will give you a timeframe for when I plan to start the piece, but it is usually about 3 months from our initial conversations. I will contact you with an invoice and to confirm all the details the week I am planning to create the painting.

NO. 5

Starting the piece:
Once the invoice is paid in full, I will start your piece. I will make sure to keep you informed on the progress of the piece as the creation process unfolds.

NO. 6

Pick up or ship:
Once the piece is finished, you can come pick it up at my studio or I can ship it to you if you are not local to Memphis. And just like that ‑ now you have commissioned your own original piece of Whitney Winkler art!

NO. 7

Extra tips: Sizing
I love to use painter’s tape on the wall to map out the size of the painting I want for the space. This helps you to get a feel for how large you want the piece to be and then you can give me the exact dimensions so your vision will come to life exactly as you hope.

NO. 8

Extra tips: Framing
For local customers: I would love to be able to take care of the framing process for you with a local framer so your piece is ready to hang when you pick it up from my studio.

NO. 9

Always feel free to contact me with questions!

Commission Form