About Me

Whitney Winkler is a mixed media watercolor and ink artist living in Midtown, Memphis, TN. She lives with her husband, three kids, and the best cat named Stanley.
Having always loved to create, she has been a songwriter since she could talk,  creative expression feels as natural and as emotionally and spiritually necessary as breathing. Creativity has taken on many forms over the years. 
Whitney is passionate about beauty and truth, and finds them to be unstoppable when paired. Her work embodies themes of the rootedness of home, elements of nature, and the intricacies of life's relationships. Whitney finds that art is a way to question and answer; express complexity of emotion, and settle into the raw creative process of discovery. Her love of beauty draws her primarily to the modern and whimsical design aesthetics of art, and she is passionate about the connectedness that art fosters in the most personal of spaces--home. She prefers loose strokes, never overthinking the creative process, and is often drawn to nuanced color combinations. 
An extrovert at heart, Whitney is most inspired when in community. She is opened an art store in August of 2021 because of her strong belief in the way art connects humans so powerfully.