Essential Oil Rollers | Soulistic Root

Essential Oil Rollers | Soulistic Root

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Allergy: The blend contains lemon and tea trees to restore feelings of clarity.

Breathe: The blend contains eucalyptus, cedar wood, peppermint, myrrh, and rosemary to support natural decongestion. Roll underneath your nose or on your upper chest.

Headache Relief: Soothe discomfort with this essential oil roller. This blend contains peppermint, frankincense, and rosemary for a refreshing aroma.

Relax Blend: This blend contains lavender, chamomile, sage, and geranium to help you unwind and reset. The formulation is infused with amethyst for additional properties.

Uplift Blend: This blend contains orange, rosemary, grapefruit, and bergamot for natural invigoration. Infused with rose quartz for additional properties.